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Week forty-six

May 30, 2010

This week, out of nowhere and suddenly, Little Star was taken from us and will now twinkle in the sky. She was the youngest elephant at Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary at 2 1/2 years old and she was born at the sanctuary. She never knew pain, abuse and the horrible life elephants on the streets live. She was free, happy and full of mischief. The world is a bleaker place without her in it.

Good things (week forty-six).

. finding some plant pots at the garage sale and enjoying the atmosphere
. reading Water for Elephants
. amazing Zumba dance class, so much fun
. pasta, wine and gelato while catching up with Karen
. cupcake at Veg Fest and great CPAWS meeting with Allison
. receiving Etsy shopping things in the mail
. tomato plants ready to grow
. watching the Lost finale, it’s over Hallelujah

But I leave you with this beautiful video of Star, being carefree and full of life.


Earth Day at the Manx

May 28, 2010

I actually forgot about writing this until I just uploaded a few pictures on facebook and came across this veggie burger photo once more. My blogging skills are neglecting me. But here we are, a few weeks after Earth Day. After work it was celebrated with a visit to the Museum of Nature followed with dinner at The Manx, a pub on Elgin Street I had heard nothing but good things about. A veggie burger was on the menu and though lots of other items tried to entice me, I could not resist trying it. And interesting it was indeed, if only I could remember the ingredients, curried tofu and chickpea burger I believe…I am not sure…

Worst review ever.

I really don’t remember. I will have to go back and look it up. Enough reason because what I do remember is their amazing selection of creative vegetarian dishes and the wonderful atmosphere.

Wait, I should add that it was overall pretty yummy, a little strange texture and not very firm, it was kind of falling all over the place. The bun was amazing, a fresh kaiser bun and the topping was a delicious salsa (which magic ingredient also escapes me). As a side I went half and half with salad and potato wedges, which sadly cost 1.50 more than just picking one. Good fresh salad, but the potato wedges were a little big and dry for me. There also seems to be no dip in my memory, and I do like my fries with some mayo.

Overall it got the thumbs up, it was very creative and I would order it again. But it’s probably not winning first prize. If there were prizes that is.

week forty-five

May 23, 2010

I have just come back from kayaking at Petrie Island, which was as close to real nature as I have been in quite a while. I love kayaking; the sore arms when you know you have to keep going, the drips that fall from the paddle soaking you, the water and the quiet. A little escape from the real world was what I needed this weekend.

good things (week forty-five)

. kayaking at Petrie Island
. befriending a groundhog at the locks
. bike rides along the canal
. some great ideas brewing at CPAWS
. reading chicklit on the balcony while hanging out with Frankie
. big shopping trip: skirt, sandals, flip flops, tank tops. Yay!
. first freezy of the summer
. great yoga class at the dance studio, and first swing dancing class

week fourty-four

May 16, 2010

The green surroundings of Dow’s Lake, the Experimental farm area, are growing on me a little. Despite still being able to hear cars – to my great annoyance I cannot get away from that in Ottawa without a car – this is a really nice area and I found a great little spot close to the Fletcher Wildlife Garden to lie in the grass and read a book. And it was pleasantly followed up by a great little cupcake at the newly opened Flour Shoppe.

good things. (week fourty-four)

. hanging out with Darby on the balcony chatting and eating risotto
. delicious little brown sugar maple cupcake
. my boss introducing me to the board with some of the nicest words
. an awesome evening going out for dinner with work
. finishing the judging of the grants – interesting and fun project
. first bike ride! Yay
. reading elephant books lying in the grass
. buying fresh lemonade of this 8-year old girl raising money for Haiti
. a really interesting tour of a set-up refugee camp in town by Doctors without Borders