week fourty-four

May 16, 2010

The green surroundings of Dow’s Lake, the Experimental farm area, are growing on me a little. Despite still being able to hear cars – to my great annoyance I cannot get away from that in Ottawa without a car – this is a really nice area and I found a great little spot close to the Fletcher Wildlife Garden to lie in the grass and read a book. And it was pleasantly followed up by a great little cupcake at the newly opened Flour Shoppe.

good things. (week fourty-four)

. hanging out with Darby on the balcony chatting and eating risotto
. delicious little brown sugar maple cupcake
. my boss introducing me to the board with some of the nicest words
. an awesome evening going out for dinner with work
. finishing the judging of the grants – interesting and fun project
. first bike ride! Yay
. reading elephant books lying in the grass
. buying fresh lemonade of this 8-year old girl raising money for Haiti
. a really interesting tour of a set-up refugee camp in town by Doctors without Borders


2 Responses to “week fourty-four”

  1. Uncle Steve Says:

    Your first bike ride! Allright! NO surprises with it? Did you ride down to Dows Lake? YOu had a great day today for it. And the cupcake is a nice reward.
    I’m going to the refugee camp mock up in Toronto next week – our Chief thought my Agency should make an appearance. Cut the grass today; cut down 5 catapillar nests in the apple tree; weeded some of Laurie’s garden and saw Laurie and Mom off as she drove Mom back to Kingston then headed down to Belleville for three more days of activity.
    So what sort of ‘words’ did your Director use with the Board? I hope it made you feel like it has been worthwhile?
    I’ll want to hear all about your bike trips around Ottawa – keep a diary or bike log or something. Its always good to record how you feel when you ride.
    Talk with you again soon.

    Love Steve

  2. K Says:

    Looks rather blissful. Lemonade! 🙂

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