Earth Day at the Manx

May 28, 2010

I actually forgot about writing this until I just uploaded a few pictures on facebook and came across this veggie burger photo once more. My blogging skills are neglecting me. But here we are, a few weeks after Earth Day. After work it was celebrated with a visit to the Museum of Nature followed with dinner at The Manx, a pub on Elgin Street I had heard nothing but good things about. A veggie burger was on the menu and though lots of other items tried to entice me, I could not resist trying it. And interesting it was indeed, if only I could remember the ingredients, curried tofu and chickpea burger I believe…I am not sure…

Worst review ever.

I really don’t remember. I will have to go back and look it up. Enough reason because what I do remember is their amazing selection of creative vegetarian dishes and the wonderful atmosphere.

Wait, I should add that it was overall pretty yummy, a little strange texture and not very firm, it was kind of falling all over the place. The bun was amazing, a fresh kaiser bun and the topping was a delicious salsa (which magic ingredient also escapes me). As a side I went half and half with salad and potato wedges, which sadly cost 1.50 more than just picking one. Good fresh salad, but the potato wedges were a little big and dry for me. There also seems to be no dip in my memory, and I do like my fries with some mayo.

Overall it got the thumbs up, it was very creative and I would order it again. But it’s probably not winning first prize. If there were prizes that is.

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