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week fifty

June 29, 2010

After an exhaustingly long week of many twelve hour days and an earthquake, the weekend brought ultimate relaxation. Jen, Karen and I departed for Jen’s family cottage early Saturday and made the most of the glorious surroundings despite the rain. There was a lot of sitting on the docks with various glasses of wine and cups of tea, a lot of eating delicious food, swimming in the lake, taking jumping and feet photos and playing board games. But there was also time for a little hike, a little canoe trip and some sightseeing. All in all, pure bliss in the Canadian wilderness.

good things (week fifty).

. a wonderful weekend get-away
. success with internship interviews for CPAWS
. organizing two more successful work events
. wonderful packages & presents from my mum
. fun evening at the Manx
. Elephant successes: Pheung Yai rescued and June arriving at WFFT


Week forty-nine

June 20, 2010

Ideally this was going to be a picture of me on stage, but I was kind of busy… performing! The dance recital was this weekend and though there were some jitters, come Saturday morning I was just plain excited. It went pretty well, though not as good as my rehearsals through-out the day. The whole experience, with the dress rehearsals, watching the other performers and dancing on stage with everyone at the end for the closing, was brilliant.
If pictures of me surface, or even a youtube video, I shall consider sharing it.

By the way, if you are here reading this, please read Katherine’s latest blog about two abused elephants and donate if you can. We need to rescue them from this awful situation.

good things (week forty-nine).
. challenging myself in a big way and being victorious
. going to see the England game with some co-workers on a sunny friday afternoon
. my sunflower sky-rocketing
. skyping with my uncle and my cousin about their visit in August
. organizing a successful event at work
. dancing around my living room
. signing up for amazing classes in the july/august sessions

week forty-eight

June 13, 2010

World Cup facial expressions. Sometimes I am just afraid to look.

I love World Cup season, yet as my first one on Canadian ground, the experience is a bit lacking. We managed to find some bars that showed Germany – Australia today, but vibrant atmosphere or even a decent amount of football (yes, football, not soccer) fans were scarce. And the game, well, as I was cheering for Australia it was a bit brutal and I didn’t even see Harry Kewell (teenage crush!).

Looking forward to catching an Italy game in Little Italy and seeing England win the next games (tsk).

Good things (week forty-eight).

. awesome and exhausting scavenger hunt around downtown with YEP
. skype chat with my mum, quick catching up
. watching the game with Karen and Jen while drinking margaritas
. lovely afternoon at Westfest with CPAWS and the bike ride out there
. relaxing yoga class, dozing off a little during the meditation
. a super pretty etsy bag making its way into my hands (thanks mum!)
. the glee finale, need I say more?
. skyping with Cil and Isa
. a wonderful day off catching up with Lucia & co. Lunch turned into three hours Starbucks and then into dinner

Week forty-seven

June 6, 2010

Frankie was good enough to give me cuddles this week when I needed them. It was a long week, but ended well with So You Think You Can Dance back in full swing. I get so much joy and energy watching the show right before I head to a dance class myself. It makes me try harder and move differently. Next semester is going to be fantastic, there will be some great classes on and she’s auditioning for a jazz teacher.

good things (week forty-seven).

. cuddles with Frankie
. buying herbs and a strawberry plant at the farmers market
. walking around Art in The Park with Karen and her friend Karen
. getting my hands dirty potting the plants on my balcony
. delicious hot chocolate at the chocolate shop
. wonderful Dr. Who episode about Vincent van Gogh
. mum deciding on dates to come and visit me