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Week two (again)

July 26, 2010

Ending the weekend with Orchestra in the Park while reading Jack Kerouac’s Big Sur was pretty neat, and mostly relaxing. It was the end of a weekend doing a lot of work catching up on volunteer jobs, emails and the soon-to-be-released elephant poetry book. Well, except for the cupcakes and catching up with Robyn.

good things (week two).

. picnicking with a good book, wonderful food and company of ducks
. drinking mojitos at my birthday party thrown by friends
. having chocolate cake for breakfast the day after the b-day
. wonderful skype chats with Indra, mum & dad and Cecilie
. cupcakes and lemonade with Robyn while catching up on life
. Darby bringing me a fantastic bottle of Jost wine all the way from Nova Scotia!
. reading Big Sur while enjoying a sunset and the National Arts Centre Orchestra
. two fantastic new dance classes, I’ll be elegant and sassy at the end of it


week one (again)

July 18, 2010

It was on a stormy lake battling against the wind in a canoe that I decided to let the universe take the course of my vacation, and quite possibly my life. Instead of the relaxing few days I had planned, it was a challenging one that made me dig deep and accept life’s challenges. It was rewarded, we made it back to our campsite and I feel empowered. I feel alive. It’s a feeling that falls to the side in day to day life and routines, but one I need in my life. Another one is to remember the power and strength I can draw from my time with Pailin. She got me through those moments we battled waves and wind.
So here I sit on my last evening of 27, with mosquito bites, scrapes and bruises, sunburned knees, countless blisters and sore muscles, happy and ready for more adventures

good things (week one).

. fulfilling a dream of canoeing in Algonquin Park
. lying on the ground watching the trees sway in the wind
. measuring the times of day by the position of the sun
. naming the little animals we found with Sinead, fellow canoe-er
. a most magical starry night in the true wilderness
. remembering the strength I learned from Pailin
. the last swim in the lake before departing Algonquin
. delicious campfire meals and good chats
. my first contemporary Jazz class
. watching the final episode of The Hills, truly so-bad-its-good guilty pleasure tv

Week fifty-two (!)

July 12, 2010

Well, here it is, number 52. It doesn’t feel quite full circle yet. As I started on my birthday, it should end right before. But I am happy to have made it here, and to let you know that I will continue for another year, as it’s the only item that makes me blog at all. There have been some great and some awful photos. I cheated once, didn’t take a photo myself. Alas.

What a year, it has felt very random, like a lot of waiting, preparing, waiting. I am hoping for a lot more excitement for the next one and a reunion with my beautiful Pailin. Bring on 28! – but first I am going to have an awesome end to this year. Stay tuned for next week.

good things (week fifty-two)

. volunteering at Bluesfest, seeing some awesome bands
. new hip hop class and zumba class. I love to dance!
. email from Babita with wonderful news
. watching the world cup final with Jen (not so much the result)
. getting started on another cool volunteer gig
. working from airconditioned Bridgehead

Week fifty-one

July 5, 2010

Busy like a really tall bee. Between work and three or four different volunteer gigs, life has been a little busy. But Canada Day was a good day to let all that go and enjoy the festivities. Then it was back to work, in between other activities. It’s good to be busy, but I am also looking forward to a slightly quieter August.

good things (week fifty-one)

. phone call from Sandhya, catching up on life and gossip
. sitting in the grass watching Shakespeare in the Park
. making my awesome Indian buffet dinner
. busy but enjoyable Canada Day in the city
. seeing the queen, TWICE
. watching Amelia Curran on stage, such a great singer
. skype catch up with the parentals and sibling