Week fifty-two (!)

July 12, 2010

Well, here it is, number 52. It doesn’t feel quite full circle yet. As I started on my birthday, it should end right before. But I am happy to have made it here, and to let you know that I will continue for another year, as it’s the only item that makes me blog at all. There have been some great and some awful photos. I cheated once, didn’t take a photo myself. Alas.

What a year, it has felt very random, like a lot of waiting, preparing, waiting. I am hoping for a lot more excitement for the next one and a reunion with my beautiful Pailin. Bring on 28! – but first I am going to have an awesome end to this year. Stay tuned for next week.

good things (week fifty-two)

. volunteering at Bluesfest, seeing some awesome bands
. new hip hop class and zumba class. I love to dance!
. email from Babita with wonderful news
. watching the world cup final with Jen (not so much the result)
. getting started on another cool volunteer gig
. working from airconditioned Bridgehead

3 Responses to “Week fifty-two (!)”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Bright-eyed, lovely YOU.

  2. Melissa A. Says:

    Ok I looked, when did you “cheat”? 😛 I can’t tell.

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