week one (again)

July 18, 2010

It was on a stormy lake battling against the wind in a canoe that I decided to let the universe take the course of my vacation, and quite possibly my life. Instead of the relaxing few days I had planned, it was a challenging one that made me dig deep and accept life’s challenges. It was rewarded, we made it back to our campsite and I feel empowered. I feel alive. It’s a feeling that falls to the side in day to day life and routines, but one I need in my life. Another one is to remember the power and strength I can draw from my time with Pailin. She got me through those moments we battled waves and wind.
So here I sit on my last evening of 27, with mosquito bites, scrapes and bruises, sunburned knees, countless blisters and sore muscles, happy and ready for more adventures

good things (week one).

. fulfilling a dream of canoeing in Algonquin Park
. lying on the ground watching the trees sway in the wind
. measuring the times of day by the position of the sun
. naming the little animals we found with Sinead, fellow canoe-er
. a most magical starry night in the true wilderness
. remembering the strength I learned from Pailin
. the last swim in the lake before departing Algonquin
. delicious campfire meals and good chats
. my first contemporary Jazz class
. watching the final episode of The Hills, truly so-bad-its-good guilty pleasure tv

One Response to “week one (again)”

  1. K Says:

    Happy birthday darling!

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