Week two (again)

July 26, 2010

Ending the weekend with Orchestra in the Park while reading Jack Kerouac’s Big Sur was pretty neat, and mostly relaxing. It was the end of a weekend doing a lot of work catching up on volunteer jobs, emails and the soon-to-be-released elephant poetry book. Well, except for the cupcakes and catching up with Robyn.

good things (week two).

. picnicking with a good book, wonderful food and company of ducks
. drinking mojitos at my birthday party thrown by friends
. having chocolate cake for breakfast the day after the b-day
. wonderful skype chats with Indra, mum & dad and Cecilie
. cupcakes and lemonade with Robyn while catching up on life
. Darby bringing me a fantastic bottle of Jost wine all the way from Nova Scotia!
. reading Big Sur while enjoying a sunset and the National Arts Centre Orchestra
. two fantastic new dance classes, I’ll be elegant and sassy at the end of it


One Response to “Week two (again)”

  1. Lynn Says:

    I wish i had long elegant toes. 😦

    That sounds like an excellent week, and it made me happy that your birthday was suitably celebrated!

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