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week seven

August 30, 2010

I saw Eat Pray Love this weekend, despite all the bad reviews and negative press, and found it to be quite similar to the book. I left the cinema with a craving for Rome and pasta and with a lot of thinking about the path I am on myself. I am taking some steps in the right direction though, booking my Elephantastic Christmas vacation and the long awaited reunion with Pailin.

good things (week seven).

. making a massive plate of pasta after watching the movie
. sitting on the floor of the travel section in Chapters, ideas running wild
. confirmation of my visit to the Elephant Nature Park
. cupcakes and slushies with Darby on her birthday
. getting a haircut, a lot of weight gone
. back to dance class at last. I could feel I’d been absent in the stretches
. skyping with mum and dad
. Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary raising enough money to rescue Pang Dow


week six

August 22, 2010

The week started of very well, continuing the visit of my uncle and cousin from Holland and kayaking to waterfalls near Algonquin Park. Unfortunately it ended with being wiped out by a cold and spending the weekend taking naps and drinking lots of tea.

good things (week six).

. kayaking to some beautiful waterfalls, then a picnic
. making kraft dinner for the family, oh so Canadian!
. visiting my aunt & uncle
. taking the dutch family to Bulkbarn, they loved it
. lots of cuddles with Frankie upon my return home
. eating stroopwafels
. afternoon with Bou the Caribou and CPAWS folks at SuperEx

week five

August 18, 2010

Good book vibes continued to come from all corners, from my cousin in Holland buying a copy for my uncle’s birthday, to Nino Ricci emailing me to say well done and he’ll spread the word. I haven’t sold as many as I initially thought, but we have passed the fifty mark and are doing well. (buy one here!)

In the meantime I entertained Dutch visitors, my uncle and my cousin, this weekend and they got a smashing lesson in Canadian pride during an evening at Parliament Hill. Brilliant! Also gave me an opportunity to be a tourist in the town. (pictured with one of the ‘famous five’ ladies of Women Rights)

good things (week five)

. impromptu dinner and wonderful evening on Karen’s deck
. amazing support and endorsement from so many people for the book
. lovely meal at the Manx with the CPAWS girls
. phone call from my dad on Monday with some good news
. lunches on the porch at work
. the avocado salad at The Green Door. Tastes like heaven!
. another amazing burger at The Works
. reliving the Olympics Highlights during Fortissimo on the Hill
. catching up with my uncle and my cousin at my apartment
. driving through Algonquin Park
. running through the pouring rain

Week four

August 9, 2010

It’s here! The Elephant Poetry and Prose Project has finally resulted in the book being released: Tales & Tails. I am incredibly proud of everyone who submitted their words, many tales were inspired with personal, emotional encounters with an elephant. The book is really fantastic, make sure you get your copy! All the profits go directly to Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary. And tell the world!

Good things (week four).

. such great reactions to the book, so much excitement in the air
. fabulous dance party and showing of the recital dvd
. taking Garth for a walk in the dog park
. receiving my test copy of the book in the mail
. a great meeting at Bridgehead for work-related stuff
. baking fresh rosemary/onion bread
. the sunflower showing signs of blooming