week three

August 1, 2010

Finding myself in a year long internship, I knew the year wouldn’t entail a lot of traveling and the adventures I had gotten used to. So when it came down around New Years Eve to make my to-do list for the year, I had to find some different things to aspire to. One of the things that found itself on my list, was to grow a tomato. I had, after all, just signed a lease on a little studio with a balcony.

As I sipped my Bridgehead cappuccino and enjoyed my croissant on the balcony, I wrote an email to my mum. I mentioned that tomatoes were unlikely to appear as the plants are so busy trying to grow tall to reach the sun. I hit sent, had a few more sips of the cappuccino and looked at my plant. There is was! A little tomato growing despite the odds that were stacked against him. Since then another one has been spotted. Another goal achieved!

good things (week three)

. finding a little tomato growing on my plant. A miracle!
. awesome volunteers who are enthousiastic about CPAWS
. more wonderful dancing as usual
. getting my bike fixed for free at the Canal Festival
. croissant and cappuccino for breakfast on my balcony
. swimming in Lac Meech, Gatineau Park with Darby
. booking our trip to Quebec City with my mum
. ordering a test copy of the Elephant Poetry book
. Wassana arriving home at BLES, away from her terrible life and into pure happiness.


One Response to “week three”

  1. Melly Says:

    I think you can trim out some lower branches to get more growth in fruits. Or something like that. Maybe google it 😉 I think I had 2 tomatoes last time I tried growing things.

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