week five

August 18, 2010

Good book vibes continued to come from all corners, from my cousin in Holland buying a copy for my uncle’s birthday, to Nino Ricci emailing me to say well done and he’ll spread the word. I haven’t sold as many as I initially thought, but we have passed the fifty mark and are doing well. (buy one here!)

In the meantime I entertained Dutch visitors, my uncle and my cousin, this weekend and they got a smashing lesson in Canadian pride during an evening at Parliament Hill. Brilliant! Also gave me an opportunity to be a tourist in the town. (pictured with one of the ‘famous five’ ladies of Women Rights)

good things (week five)

. impromptu dinner and wonderful evening on Karen’s deck
. amazing support and endorsement from so many people for the book
. lovely meal at the Manx with the CPAWS girls
. phone call from my dad on Monday with some good news
. lunches on the porch at work
. the avocado salad at The Green Door. Tastes like heaven!
. another amazing burger at The Works
. reliving the Olympics Highlights during Fortissimo on the Hill
. catching up with my uncle and my cousin at my apartment
. driving through Algonquin Park
. running through the pouring rain

3 Responses to “week five”

  1. Lynn Says:

    You get lovelier every week!
    And we’ll have a Worksbuger together, no? 🙂

  2. Melly Says:

    I’m sad I didn’t get to The Works last time I was in Ottawa, but I was only there for a weekend.

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