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week eleven

September 27, 2010

(oops, busy weekend resulted in a bad last minute photo. Better luck next week)

Last weekend I started another “Life List”, all those dreams and goals that I want to accomplish. While writing it though, I kept thinking of all the things that used to be on there that I have already done. Which I have to say is pretty neat and putting things in a nice perspective. Especially given all the stress and uncertainty in life right now. My wish now is to find a way to continue realizing dreams even when balancing it with life and work, and not just do them in the in-between moments. To feel free even when I am not traveling. C’est possible?

Good news, my mum arrives Tuesday and I am so excited to see her after a year! I have lots of plans already, from cooking, restaurants, pumpkin carving and a visit to Quebec City.

good things (week eleven).

. booking my flight to Thailand, woot woot!
. burlesque class being like the coolest thing in life right now
. going over to Karen’s for dinner and ranting
. reminiscing with My So-Called Life dvd’s, oh to be 15 again
. really interesting evening at the environmental mayoral debate
. hiking with CPAWS, some beautiful fall colours spotted


week ten

September 21, 2010

It was dark when we arrived at the cottage, but the moment we stepped out of the car we could hear the loon calling on the lake and I already started feeling a little lighter. It was a blissful weekend with great friends, chatting about boys, life and many other things, eating lots of delicious food, going for a hike and some quiet time to take a step back and reflect on life.

week ten (good things).

. a brand new journal to scribble some thoughts into
. dipping into the lake, so refreshing/cold
. a magical morning scene as the fog lifted from the lake
. learning great choreography at Contemporary Jazz class
. meeting up with Allison and Jennifer for sweet potato fries & work
. going for lunch at Indian buffet, yum.
. eating a tomato fresh from the balcony

week nine

September 12, 2010

Sometimes it’s nice to just be someone else for a few minutes, escape from worries and stress, and dream a little. Life has taken a turn for the extra extra busy, but with the new dance semester upon us, I know it’ll have a good coping mechanism. That and the prospect of a trip to the cottage next weekend and my mum visiting the week after that.

good things (week nine).

. poppin’ & lockin’ hip hop class on the schedule
. dancing my heart out at zumba
. talking to my dad on the phone, discussing plane tickets
. a magnificent skype talk with the best friend & little Isa
. mochas and chocolate cookies with Jen and Karen
. long emails exchanged with Sandhya
. meeting my grandmother for dinner at The Green Door


September 7, 2010

The sunflower had a rough time getting into bloom. On a shady balcony it spend months trying to reach for the sun. Standing two meters tall in the end, it finally did and now it shines in the gloomy days. Pang Dow suffered through many obstacles, mostly mankind, in her life. But she made it to BLES and a life of happiness. Ready about her days at the sanctuary here. The sales of “Tales & Tails: the Elephant poetry and prose project” contributed nearly £400 to her rescue and life at Boon Lotts. Thank you for your support!

The book will continue to be on sale and help Boon Lott Elephant Sanctuary accomplish the amazing work they do. If you haven’t had a chance to buy it yet, please take the opportunity!