week ten

September 21, 2010

It was dark when we arrived at the cottage, but the moment we stepped out of the car we could hear the loon calling on the lake and I already started feeling a little lighter. It was a blissful weekend with great friends, chatting about boys, life and many other things, eating lots of delicious food, going for a hike and some quiet time to take a step back and reflect on life.

week ten (good things).

. a brand new journal to scribble some thoughts into
. dipping into the lake, so refreshing/cold
. a magical morning scene as the fog lifted from the lake
. learning great choreography at Contemporary Jazz class
. meeting up with Allison and Jennifer for sweet potato fries & work
. going for lunch at Indian buffet, yum.
. eating a tomato fresh from the balcony

One Response to “week ten”

  1. You couldn’t get a more Canadian memory to store away – the solitariness of a lake, loon’s mournful cry, mist. When it’s stored away with memories of friends, perfect!! Something to carry you through the winter!

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