week eleven

September 27, 2010

(oops, busy weekend resulted in a bad last minute photo. Better luck next week)

Last weekend I started another “Life List”, all those dreams and goals that I want to accomplish. While writing it though, I kept thinking of all the things that used to be on there that I have already done. Which I have to say is pretty neat and putting things in a nice perspective. Especially given all the stress and uncertainty in life right now. My wish now is to find a way to continue realizing dreams even when balancing it with life and work, and not just do them in the in-between moments. To feel free even when I am not traveling. C’est possible?

Good news, my mum arrives Tuesday and I am so excited to see her after a year! I have lots of plans already, from cooking, restaurants, pumpkin carving and a visit to Quebec City.

good things (week eleven).

. booking my flight to Thailand, woot woot!
. burlesque class being like the coolest thing in life right now
. going over to Karen’s for dinner and ranting
. reminiscing with My So-Called Life dvd’s, oh to be 15 again
. really interesting evening at the environmental mayoral debate
. hiking with CPAWS, some beautiful fall colours spotted

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