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week sixteen

October 31, 2010

The first snow of the year came unexpected and suddenly, and the good fortune that the next day Gatineau Park still looked like a winter wonderland, was pretty magnificent.

good things (week sixteen).

. walking through a beautiful winter wonderland. Hurray for first snow!
. a delicious cheese fondue with friends
. carving a pretty darn cool pumpkin
. doing well after getting my travel shots
. visiting the Otesha house and learning more about their great work
. dinner while catching up with Karen and google mapping our old ‘hoods
. a weekend of soups including wonton soup & red thai butternut squash soup


week fifteen

October 24, 2010

This photo may not seem impressive, but seeing as I used a sowing machine for the first time in about twenty years and re-learned how to use it during the Spins & Needles Clothing Swap & Re-Make, I thought it was quite deserving. It’s good to do something crafty once in a while, especially as the rest of the weekend was consumed with resume writing and putting the finishing touches on the website I am making for my volunteer gig.

good things (week fifteen).

. lovely crafty evening, making something original (even through there is lots of room for improvement)
. drinks at the Clocktower with Darby, catching up after a busy two months
. Allie’s fantastic input on my resume
. sushi lunch at Genji’s with work
. getting a big clean-up going at the apartment

week fourteen

October 18, 2010

It’s been a blur of work and spending some final days with my mum before saying goodbye to her on Sunday afternoon. Time has been starting to fly away and suddenly it’s nearly November. Darkness settles in early and I am starting to have to look ahead, beyond the event I am organizing, beyond Thailand, beyond certainty. Wondering what the future has in store and hoping its all worth it.

good things (week fourteen).

. my mum seeing some of my ballet class
. wonderful dinner at The Manx
. reading a new book on a beautiful Sunday afternoon
. strolling through The National Gallery
. catching up with some friends at the Ecology Ottawa dinner
. another opportunity to do some work with WWF
. the wonderful visit with my mum

week thirteen

October 12, 2010

I love trees. Old ones, ones you can wrap your arms around or ones you can lean against comfortably to read a book. Ones that have a soft patch of grass underneath and shelter me from the rain. Mostly I love trees in the fall, when the colours brighten up my world and leave me in awe. Time is running out, I need to make a trip out to the Gatineau Hills before I miss the majestic reds and fiery oranges.

good things (week thirteen).

. a wonderful last few days in Quebec City
. spotting several deer from the train on the way back to Ottawa
. a thanksgiving potluck at work, including pecan pie with ice cream
. my mum helping out while I work and keeping me company at home
. exploring the west end on Saturday afternoon
. a big pumpkin to carve from the farmers market
. cupcakes with the Canadian family (I finally had the s’mores one)