week thirteen

October 12, 2010

I love trees. Old ones, ones you can wrap your arms around or ones you can lean against comfortably to read a book. Ones that have a soft patch of grass underneath and shelter me from the rain. Mostly I love trees in the fall, when the colours brighten up my world and leave me in awe. Time is running out, I need to make a trip out to the Gatineau Hills before I miss the majestic reds and fiery oranges.

good things (week thirteen).

. a wonderful last few days in Quebec City
. spotting several deer from the train on the way back to Ottawa
. a thanksgiving potluck at work, including pecan pie with ice cream
. my mum helping out while I work and keeping me company at home
. exploring the west end on Saturday afternoon
. a big pumpkin to carve from the farmers market
. cupcakes with the Canadian family (I finally had the s’mores one)

One Response to “week thirteen”

  1. Bill and I (the Canadian family) were so glad you were able to come over with your mom, and the cupcakes were divine! We;ll all miss Lynn –

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