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week twenty

November 28, 2010

I felt a need to share my Harry Potter geeky-ness, as I finally had a chance to see the movie on Friday. Although it was still severely lacking compared to the book, they did do a really good job. A few things I would change though (getting caught by the snatchers, dobby’s funeral, lack of Wormtail death and several explanations)… but I can’t wait for the next movie.

This week was a big improvement on last, and I found a way to twist and turn the sadness about the elephants into a project that might help make a little difference. I still believe that education is the biggest thing that we need to tackle (aside from changing Thai law where elephants are concerned). I am ready to step up to the role in a fierce way and do my part.

good things (week twenty).

. taking Friday off to tackle my ever-growing to-do list and accomplishing lots
. a break-through in the face of what awaits me in January
. random wanderings with Darby
. the anticipation of seeing Pailin in a mere few weeks
. finishing my Christmas shopping well ahead of time!
. a really great CPAWS meeting reviewing how we did and what we still need to do


week nineteen

November 22, 2010

This post will be a struggle, to think of good things with so much sadness, is difficult. I got some very upsetting news this week in that three elephants very dear to my heart have been removed from the sanctuary by their mahouts and put back into the world of tourism, entertainment and abuse. To think of these beautiful souls back in a life of hardship and cruelty has affected me deeply, making me feel powerless and at odds with the world and universe. We can’t save them all, perhaps, but to take that step backwards with the ones that were saved, is an all-together different kind of cruelty. For the full story, please go here.

(I apologize, energy for a decent photo was low this week folks, better luck next time.)

Good things (week nineteen)
. getting so close to returning to Pailin, her spirit will lift and heal me
. the first peppermint mocha of the season
. many cuddles with Frankie
. a much needed skype chat with the parentals
. watching the bright lights of the Santa Clause Parade
. being really inspired by the amazing work of Otesha

week eighteen

November 17, 2010

It was a long, long week, that ended with the fundraising event from work that I had organized. It was an important day for both myself and the organization and we came out looking great at the other side. It was a success. I definitely deserved my sleep that evening. And this photo was all I could muster at the end of it all.

good things (week eighteen).

. the event going smoothly and successfully, all the work paid off
. really great support from friends and colleagues
. hot fresh scones from The Scone Witch
. being able to go to the remembrance ceremony
. snuggles with Frankie
. impromptu dinner and catching up with Karen
. Friday lunch at a Thai restaurant with Kim and Chelci

week seventeen

November 7, 2010

Being home sick this weekend may mean missing my dance classes, but at least my ballet exercises can be done at home as well. On that note, I was in hip hop class on Wednesday after missing two weeks due to other commitments but had no problem picking up the choreography quickly. Which means I am making a noticeable improvement in my dance skills. Go me!

good things (week seventeen).

. a really great CPAWS event, running smoothly
. celebratory mojitos after the event for a job well done
. pizza party at Emily’s house and playing Bananas (crazy scrabble game)
. really great hip hop class on Wednesday
. preparing usb sticks and memory cards for Thailand trip
. finally trying out Green Tea Sushi on Elgin Street