week seventeen

November 7, 2010

Being home sick this weekend may mean missing my dance classes, but at least my ballet exercises can be done at home as well. On that note, I was in hip hop class on Wednesday after missing two weeks due to other commitments but had no problem picking up the choreography quickly. Which means I am making a noticeable improvement in my dance skills. Go me!

good things (week seventeen).

. a really great CPAWS event, running smoothly
. celebratory mojitos after the event for a job well done
. pizza party at Emily’s house and playing Bananas (crazy scrabble game)
. really great hip hop class on Wednesday
. preparing usb sticks and memory cards for Thailand trip
. finally trying out Green Tea Sushi on Elgin Street


One Response to “week seventeen”

  1. Awwww – no fun being sick on your own, Marieke – that’s when you really miss mom’s TLC. Are you getting a flu shot before your trip? I got one last week, my first!, because I’m going back with Marilyn to Spain on Jan 31st for 2 months and I want Nothing to interfere with that.
    p.s. – your feet are executing a perfect – what is it? – “pointe”??
    love – oma xxx

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