week nineteen

November 22, 2010

This post will be a struggle, to think of good things with so much sadness, is difficult. I got some very upsetting news this week in that three elephants very dear to my heart have been removed from the sanctuary by their mahouts and put back into the world of tourism, entertainment and abuse. To think of these beautiful souls back in a life of hardship and cruelty has affected me deeply, making me feel powerless and at odds with the world and universe. We can’t save them all, perhaps, but to take that step backwards with the ones that were saved, is an all-together different kind of cruelty. For the full story, please go here.

(I apologize, energy for a decent photo was low this week folks, better luck next time.)

Good things (week nineteen)
. getting so close to returning to Pailin, her spirit will lift and heal me
. the first peppermint mocha of the season
. many cuddles with Frankie
. a much needed skype chat with the parentals
. watching the bright lights of the Santa Clause Parade
. being really inspired by the amazing work of Otesha


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