week twenty-one

December 5, 2010

With impending departure and an as of yet uncertain future for 2011, Frankie and I are parting ways, likely this week. She’s going to a new loving foster home, which is a little sad, because I had anticipated that in a year a forever-home would have taken her in. It was my first experience fostering, and as expected, I have gotten far too attached. She’s a bit of a weirdo, but a treasure none-the-less. If you are in the Ottawa/Gatineau area, and have a quiet loving home for this bunny, please contact New Moon Rabbit Rescue.

good things (week twenty-one)

. the most wonderful relaxing morning at the spa
. finishing a job application that could lead to amazing things
. getting to see Wakefield and finding the loveliest little place to have lunch
. wonderful catching up with Cil and Isa
. another fondue hike in Gatineau park as snow falls down
. seeing Tanya Davis play at Raw Sugar with friends
. someone making an informed decision about elephants in Thailand because they remembered my story

One Response to “week twenty-one”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Oh, the lovely Frank: if I weren’t half the world away, I would adopt her in a MINUTE. She is, as we say here, an animal with a manual, but she is precious.
    Like you.

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