week twenty-three

December 18, 2010

It was the storm before the calm. Aside from finishing up everything at work before putting on the out-of-office reply and all the final details that I needed to organize for my trip, the time had come to say goodbye to Frankie. Returning that evening from work to an empty apartment was one of the loneliest moments of my life. Having never lived in that apartment or even in Ottawa without her, the adjustment was sad and difficult. I kept forgetting she was no longer there, so accustomed to her (mostly) silent company.

Luckily 48 hours later it was time for me to leave Ottawa behind me and return to the elephants.

The week of sadness and chaos did not allow for a photo. Technically this photo was taken in the early hours of Sunday night Canada time, and would possibly count. I had just arrived at BLES and started soaking in the calm and happiness.

good things (week twenty three)

. singing my heart out at karaoke
. wonderful reflections from people at work
. many cuddles with Frankie
. phone calls with my parents
. at last, a proper snow fall
. smooth sailing on the 36 hour journey
. reading Antoinette’s book “The Great Elephant Escape”
. Arriving at BLES

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