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week twenty-nine

January 30, 2011

I was walking to my friend Karen’s house to help her move. It was Sunday morning and snowing quietly. I paused only a little way down my street and listened. Silence. I was filled with my love for snow, amiss since my trip to Thailand. The love of the white world where everything goes quiet and calm. I ended up arriving at Karen’s a little later, walking a round-about way through the beautiful neighborhoods and treasuring the fluffy white stuff falling from the sky.

good things (week twenty-nine).

. strawberry & kiwi tea at the Teastore while catching up with Jennifer
. evening out with the CPAWS girls for some strategic planning
. a wonderful wholesome dinner with Karen (doing well with this healthy food thing)
. buying myself some treats at Lush
. an update from Frankie’s new parents! So happy for her to have a forever-home
. lunch with Darby, as always so much to talk about
. skype chat with the parentals before they went off to their six-week Asia adventure


week twenty-eight

January 23, 2011

Temperatures dropped today to a chilly -39 with the windchill. Needless to say, I decided to remain inside, staying warm standing over the stove and acting on the kitchen new years resolutions. The return from Thailand hasn’t offered all the answers, things haven’t magically fallen into place – but I have taken to the one thing I can control, life in the kitchen.

Last year ended with bad habits, between the comfort of pasta and the ease of whipping it together before rushing off to dance class, my diet had left something to be desired. This is a fresh start – the weekend filled with rye crackers and cottage cheese, kale chips, soups and stews. Find my new years resolutions in the kitchen under the cut.

good things (week twenty-eight).

. safely back home
. long skype chat with my mum, catching up on life
. a warm welcome back at the office
. arriving back just in time for an awesome potluck
. walking along the canal in the midst of winter
. magical Doctor Who christmas episode
. phone call from my dad

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week twenty-seven

January 21, 2011

Saying goodbye is never easy, saying goodbye to the elephant that changed your life, that altered your entire universe and who you may well not see again – definitely not easy. The other goodbye’s were better, the wonderful people and the other elephants were nice surprises that I was happy to have met.

Suddenly the trip was over and I arrived in Canada Sunday night. It all went by so fast, but the flame has been reignited, my passion going strong and my faith that its all going to work out is finding its way back.

good things (week twenty-seven).

. the amazing, amazing, amazing news that Frankie has been adopted
. a great afternoon at the spa, getting back on my feet after a bad cold
. helping with the vet treatment for June and Bua
. chocolate ice creams after lunch
. Pailin, everything she is and all she stands for
. spending the night in the airport, before returning home
. all the memories, the moments, the elephants

week twenty-six

January 21, 2011

A full week with beautiful elephants. Pailin remained the magnificent elephant I fell in love with, though a little more spoiled and in the habit of headbutting the volunteers who don’t bring her treats but try to remain close to her. But when she walks or when she knows nobody is watching, I am in such awe of her.

Bua Ngun and June had both arrived since my last stay at WFFT. June tall, skinny and mellow. Bua is cheeky, restless and adorable. It was great spending time with them. And then there were the dogs, and some awesome people.

good things (week twenty-six).

. spending time with the elephants
. the wonderful dogs at WFFT
. having really awesome roommates
. sitting in Pailin’s enclosure, just watching her
. time to think about the future and dreams