week twenty-five

January 2, 2011

The realization came in Chiang Mai,in the hostel when things were going downhill. I am past putting budget over comfort. I need to allow myself goodness and be kind to myself. I slept better in the overnight train than I did those three nights. Luckily Chiang Mai was still beautiful and glorious, so the days made up for the bad nights.

And then it was time, an overnight train, then a jam-packed third class train, a taxi ride and I arrived at the wildlife centre. First things first, I wanted to see her. Forget the tour, forget seeing my room. After two years of trying to follow my heart and living my best life because of an elephant, I was about to see her again. It was an emotional moment, but full of love.

good things (week twenty-five).

. getting to know some of the elephants at Elephant Nature Park
. lovely dinner in Chiang Mai with Marleen, Stacy and Louise
. having my toes tickled during the fish spa and a great massage
. wondering the streets of Chiang Mai; temples, food, beauty
. butterflies in the stomach when getting closer and closer to Pailin
. reunited.

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