week twenty-eight

January 23, 2011

Temperatures dropped today to a chilly -39 with the windchill. Needless to say, I decided to remain inside, staying warm standing over the stove and acting on the kitchen new years resolutions. The return from Thailand hasn’t offered all the answers, things haven’t magically fallen into place – but I have taken to the one thing I can control, life in the kitchen.

Last year ended with bad habits, between the comfort of pasta and the ease of whipping it together before rushing off to dance class, my diet had left something to be desired. This is a fresh start – the weekend filled with rye crackers and cottage cheese, kale chips, soups and stews. Find my new years resolutions in the kitchen under the cut.

good things (week twenty-eight).

. safely back home
. long skype chat with my mum, catching up on life
. a warm welcome back at the office
. arriving back just in time for an awesome potluck
. walking along the canal in the midst of winter
. magical Doctor Who christmas episode
. phone call from my dad

Now for those new years resolutions in the kitchen. I’ve given this some thought, focussing both on the variety in foods I want to incorporate and dishes I’ve been long since been wanting to make.

  • learn how to poach an egg – for some reason this has frightened me and I simply have never tried
  • make gnocchi – long time on the to-do list
  • eat less pasta, things were getting a little out of hand towards the end of last year with pasta every day twice a day.
  • start using some of the cookbooks I have in the cupboard
  • bake my own bread, including but not limited to pita bread, rolls, pizza dough
  • make a veggie pate – I had this amazing veggie pate sandwich in Quebec City, and I eagerly want to try making my own
  • incorporate more healthy ingredients & variety into the pasta that I do eat
  • limit the use of kraft dinner
  • if and when budget/life allows, buy a cheese maker set and make my own! (inspired by Kandise & Andre)
  • depending on where I am living come spring/summer, take the balcony garden to the next level
  • eat an incredible meal in Italy

3 Responses to “week twenty-eight”

  1. K Says:

    CHEESE!!!!! I support this, and your culinary adventures in general. 🙂

  2. Melly Says:

    Egg poaching is so easy once you do it you’ll be like “that’s it?” 😉

  3. Emily Says:

    As for adventures in egg poaching, I found this page quite helpful and amusing: http://www.b3ta.com/features/howtopoachanegg/

    And as for bread, a delicious and fairly simple one to make is Focaccia bread. Quick (as far as bread goes) and delectable!

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