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week thirty-seven

March 27, 2011


It was a blur of hospital visits, pain-killer induced sleep and books. I was unwell most of the week, but was thrilled that by the weekend I had regained enough energy to attend a workshop I had signed up for many weeks ago. “Strategic Non-Violent Action planning for Climate Change” was incredibly educational, and the group was filled with wonderful and interesting people. I have learned a lot over the last two and a half days and am ready to put it to practice. Now I just need a campaign and a mission.

good things (week thirty-seven).

. check-in phone calls from my parents and aunt & uncle
. booking my trip to Europe for two weeks end of May (thanks parentals)
. Karen visiting and cooking me dinner for a week while I was sick
. a great collection of library books to read while bed-bound
. not being admitted to the hospital!
. being able to learn new skills and meet great people at the workshop


week thirty-six

March 20, 2011

Wow, it’s been a busy, busy week; I said goodbye to my colleagues at The Natural Step, baked till late into the night, attended several CPAWS meetings, got my hair cut, spent time with my aunt and uncle, and more. The highlight though, was being welcomed back at Burlesque classes and dancing again. Lowlight, spending Sunday morning in the hospital (I am OK).

good things (week thirty-six).

. the joy of being back at dance class
. a great going away potluck at work
. lovely lunch in Wakefield with my aunt & uncle who visited me this weekend
. a beautiful friday morning getting my hair cut, followed with a sushi lunch
. my super cool Lisa-loeb look-alike hair dresser
. veggie pate sandwich from Bread & Sons
. skype with my mum and brother to show of the haircut  and catch up

week thirty-five

March 13, 2011

good things (week thirty-five)

. dinner, wine and laughs at Sabrina’s
. a great evening out on Saturday night
. my parents home safe and sound, and catching up on skype
. temperatures going up slightly
. lunch with good friends on my day off
. pre-shopping for Italian spring days
. dogs visiting the office, the joy of wet noses and running down the hallway

week thirty-four

March 6, 2011

I am fed up with winter, for real. Even though I was away for a month during the peak of it, it feels like it’s been going on forever and it’s never going to end. I want to sit outside and read in the grass, go for bike rides and simply be outside other than for more than a few seconds just to simply to get from one place to the next.
I also desperately need a haircut.

good things (week thirty-four).

. an amazing peanut butter hot chocolate
. great pile of books from the library
. meeting some new people at Karen’s housewarming party
. a great opportunity to go back to dance
. going for some amazing Indian food with the cpaws folks
. some crazy dancing in my living room