week thirty-six

March 20, 2011

Wow, it’s been a busy, busy week; I said goodbye to my colleagues at The Natural Step, baked till late into the night, attended several CPAWS meetings, got my hair cut, spent time with my aunt and uncle, and more. The highlight though, was being welcomed back at Burlesque classes and dancing again. Lowlight, spending Sunday morning in the hospital (I am OK).

good things (week thirty-six).

. the joy of being back at dance class
. a great going away potluck at work
. lovely lunch in Wakefield with my aunt & uncle who visited me this weekend
. a beautiful friday morning getting my hair cut, followed with a sushi lunch
. my super cool Lisa-loeb look-alike hair dresser
. veggie pate sandwich from Bread & Sons
. skype with my mum and brother to show of the haircut  and catch up


4 Responses to “week thirty-six”

  1. robyn Says:

    Love the haircut! And obviously I need an update on what you are up to!

    I am in town just briefly on Monday/Tuesday next week, but would love to meet up, even if it’s for the world’s fastest tea break. Send me a note and let me know!

  2. Emily Says:

    How are the burlesque classes? Some of my friends have recently gotten caught up in Contra dance, think Jane Austen era ballroom style. 😀 Hoping to join them sometime when time and money and all of the other numerous and sometimes frustrating life circumstances allow.

    • Marieke Says:

      Oh I love these classes, totally difference from Jane Austen type dancing, but lots of fun and making me feel great about myself 🙂

      • Emily Says:

        Heh, yes, I would think that it’s rather different. 😉

        I imagine Caro Emerald’s “Just One Dance” would be a great song for some burlesque dancing. I’ve been quite stuck on her lately, having discovered her whilst I was over there in Holland.

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