elephants & godaddy.com

April 4, 2011

This news reached my ears a few days ago and I moved quickly to shut down my godaddy account (or rather removing all my information as an account cannot be fully deleted). The CEO of the company posted a “holiday” video on his website showing himself killing an elephant in Zimbabwe. He will give you all sorts of nobel reasons about why he did this. He is also arguing that it was an aggressive bull elephant (it’s not) and that elephants are not endangered at all, there’s too many of them! But let’s be honest, none of that is actually true. It is really just a despicable murder, leaving a family shattered in pieces, because humans like to think they rule the world.

If you have any domains registered with godaddy.com, please move them to another service and let the company know your reasons for doing so. NameCheap.Com are offering a transfer where 20% of the proceeds go to SaveTheElephants.Org.

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