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week forty-six

May 29, 2011

It was such an honour for me to attend my close friend Cecilie’s wedding in Italy, with only one other non-family member as a guest, and only 17 of us in total. To share with her this special day and seeing her glow and smile broadly all the time, lifted my spirits. Spending time with her daughter Isa, who thus far I have seen grow up on skype, skyrocketed them (my favorite picture of the whole trip is below the cut).

good things (week forty-six).

. spending lots of time with wonderful Isa
. seeing my dear friend Cecilie so happy and radiant
. lazy mornings by the pool, late lunch and dinners in town, siestas
. making a new friend who also translated lots of Norwegian for me
. glorious evening walking around Rome and an extravagant meal
. family visits around The Netherlands and spending lots of time with my parents
. a morning tea-time visit from my friend Babita and her 5-month old son
. mango gelato

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week forty-five

May 22, 2011

It was a rush of packing, a final dance class before running off to catch a bus to Toronto and a flight to The Netherlands. Before long I had arrived and I immediately requested a trip to the beach. My parents, brother and I got in the car and walked on the Dutch sandy shores despite the wind blowing sand in our eyes. It smelled like salt and freedom. I have missed living by the ocean more than anything else since moving to Ottawa.

good things (week forty-five).

. reunited with my parents and seeing my brother again
. dinner on Karen’s balcony on a fine spring evening
. a windy but lovely walk on the beach
. watching The King’s Speech on my flight to Holland
.  last pre-wedding skype chat with Cil & Isa
. lots of cheese awaiting my arrival at my parent’s house

week forty-four

May 16, 2011

It was a week of sunshine and warm weather. The trees have exploded into colour, the world smells like fresh blossoms and I spent most of my week lying barefoot in the grass at Dow’s Lake. Reading books and eating homemade picnics. Bliss.

good things (week forty-four).

. a delicious brunch and dance tutorial with friends from the old job
. drinks out with the girls from dance class
. reading a few more books
. picnics at Dow’s Lake in the beautiful sunshine
. life with sandals, skirts and dresses
. wine and cheese outreach meeting with the CPAWS girls
. skype chat with my cousin in Vancouver
. the magic of frappuccino happy hour

week forty-three

May 10, 2011

I read this incredible book this week, called A Thousand Sisters by Lisa Shannon, it’s her story about how she is moved to action after seeing a clip on Oprah about the genocide and war in Congo, known as the worst place in the world to be a woman. She begins her own charity “Run for Congo Women” and travels to the Congo to meet the ‘sisters’ she sponsors. A worthwhile, but intense read, filled with the horrific stories of the atrocities the women have lived through, but also their amazing spirit, and hope that we can help and make a difference.

“You always thought you could change the world. You were right”.  

That sentence in the book jumped out at me, and has stuck with me. Combine that with the movie Born to be Wild about two incredible women making an incredible impact on the lives of baby elephants and orangutans, and my urge to help is stronger than ever. I felt like this since meeting Pailin, but real life can steamroll over it. I need to not let it. This is what I am looking for, the opportunity to help change the world and to make a difference for the better. To not sit idly by.

good things (week forty-three).

. seeing the incredible Born to be Wild movie (featuring one of my fosters, Sities)
. lunch and wanderings with Christa in Gatineau
. phone call with the parentals
. finally making it out to The Black Sheep for an evening of great music
. brunch with Karen and Karen
. skype chat with Cil, only a few weeks till her Italian wedding
. helping put on two successful CPAWS events