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week forty-six

May 29, 2011

It was such an honour for me to attend my close friend Cecilie’s wedding in Italy, with only one other non-family member as a guest, and only 17 of us in total. To share with her this special day and seeing her glow and smile broadly all the time, lifted my spirits. Spending time with her daughter Isa, who thus far I have seen grow up on skype, skyrocketed them (my favorite picture of the whole trip is below the cut).

good things (week forty-six).

. spending lots of time with wonderful Isa
. seeing my dear friend Cecilie so happy and radiant
. lazy mornings by the pool, late lunch and dinners in town, siestas
. making a new friend who also translated lots of Norwegian for me
. glorious evening walking around Rome and an extravagant meal
. family visits around The Netherlands and spending lots of time with my parents
. a morning tea-time visit from my friend Babita and her 5-month old son
. mango gelato

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