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hoppity hop

June 27, 2011

“No such thing as a spoiled bunny. This is an animal who possesses a limitless capacity for affection.”
Ann Patchett, The Magician’s Assistant

My dearest Frankie has been on my mind, and I am half tempted to email her adoptive parents to ask if I can come visit. I am not sure if that is proper foster parent decorum. Bunnies seem to be everywhere, I am nearly twittering as much about them as elephants. Here are some links I’ve come across and news I wanted to share.

.  The Ontario RSPCA recently did a raid at a bunny mill (evil places!) and rescued hundreds of bunnies. Sadly about half of them had to be put down due to their poor health, and the other half has been taken in by rescue centers across the province. This includes New Moon Rabbit Rescue, for whom I’ve fostered Frankie. Frankie was traumatized for a long time following her inhumane life at the bunny mill and it took many months for her to relax and trust. If you know anyone who can commit (important!) to adopting a bunny, please let them get in touch with a nearby rescue.

This is a topic dear to my heart, bunnies are often overlooked and easily cast aside (how, I ask you?!). I wish I could foster at the moment, but with my current “ready to move at a moments notice for the dream job” state, I cannot make the commitment. I grew up with a bunny in the house, Jolly was with us for almost twelve years and was more like a puppy following me around and greeting me at the gate when I came home from school.

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week fifty

June 26, 2011

A cold had brought me down for the weekend, which was a shame, because I had plans to go all out with the Fringe Festival. The two plays I did manage to see however, were absolutely wonderful: Roller Derby Saved my Soul (genius) and Question Period; The musical (quirky and written by a friend’s husband).

good things (week fifty).

. spotting cottontails on the way to work
. catching up with sabrina over coffee and cake
. a wonderful, wonderful Fringe play
. meeting some interesting people at a non profit networking event
. fixing my bike all by myself
. getting an exciting application out the door

week forty-nine

June 19, 2011

When you go back to the daily grind, any outdoor moments are so much more appreciated. From playing bocche in the park during the week, to reading my book for a few hours at Dow’s Lake, I enjoyed the fresh air.

good things (week forty-nine).

. visiting my old colleagues during an Open House
. watching the hockey games at the pub with friends
. phone call from the parentals
. reading a book that is transporting me back to Rome
. cupcakes and bocche with the CPAWS crew
. face to face with a gorgeous groundhog
. booking my birthday trip to New Brunswick – sand, ocean breeze, scallops and friends!

week forty-eight

June 14, 2011

An evening of dance and on stage twice. Breaking out of my comfort zone made me feel comfortable and confident at a time where I feel I have little control over everything else. What a marvelous evening, with wonderful people, glitter and just leaving it out on the dance floor.

good things (week forty-eight).

. buying a big chunk of Dutch cheese at the airport before leaving
. making it ‘home’ safe and sound after a long, long journey
. a lovely lunch with Sue catching up on the going-ons
. planting some zucchini plants on the balcony
. such a great evening performing at Salsapalooza
. veggie burgers and laughs at Karen R’s