week forty-seven

June 7, 2011

What a great two weeks I had away in Europe, the time spent with my parents, the beautiful wedding followed by my wandering around Rome, closed with a magical few days in London and a few more days in Holland. It was a whirlwind, yet it truly felt like a vacation. I was able to fully relax and enjoy for the first time in months. I saw dear friends again, ate magnificent food (lots of cheese!) and explored my favorite cities.

The photo above (featuring Ceri & Armel) was taken at Spitalfields market, where I went on a bit of a mirror kick. See the rest of the collection below the cut.

good things (week forty-seven)

. a day wandering around Rome; history, pasta, fountains, sun and splendid beauty
. morning visit to the V&A museum with Sandhya, followed by a lovely lunch
. the healing power of London, what a glorious, ever-changing city
. exploring the east end with Ceri & Armel
. a great meeting with The Elephant Family, and giving them some books
. seeing my parents’ photos of their travels around Asia
. the living room at the parentals house looking fabulous, no more building site!
. crossing paths with my cousin just in time for a quick catch up at the airport
. some sushi and frozen yoghurt with Mercedes
. meeting Jessica & Jolanda for drinks and catching up on life in the sunshine

3 Responses to “week forty-seven”

  1. K Says:

    I’m glad you had a good time! More fun times are on the way 🙂

    • Marieke Says:

      🙂 so much heavy weight was lifted of me, it was incredible. I hope it doesn’t pile on again, but I know my visit to New Brunswick will be just as wonderful and healing

  2. Emily Rose Says:

    Sounds like a glorious trip to me! Right now I must be satisfied with dreaming of what I shall do the next time I can go wandering.

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