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June 27, 2011

“No such thing as a spoiled bunny. This is an animal who possesses a limitless capacity for affection.”
Ann Patchett, The Magician’s Assistant

My dearest Frankie has been on my mind, and I am half tempted to email her adoptive parents to ask if I can come visit. I am not sure if that is proper foster parent decorum. Bunnies seem to be everywhere, I am nearly twittering as much about them as elephants. Here are some links I’ve come across and news I wanted to share.

.  The Ontario RSPCA recently did a raid at a bunny mill (evil places!) and rescued hundreds of bunnies. Sadly about half of them had to be put down due to their poor health, and the other half has been taken in by rescue centers across the province. This includes New Moon Rabbit Rescue, for whom I’ve fostered Frankie. Frankie was traumatized for a long time following her inhumane life at the bunny mill and it took many months for her to relax and trust. If you know anyone who can commit (important!) to adopting a bunny, please let them get in touch with a nearby rescue.

This is a topic dear to my heart, bunnies are often overlooked and easily cast aside (how, I ask you?!). I wish I could foster at the moment, but with my current “ready to move at a moments notice for the dream job” state, I cannot make the commitment. I grew up with a bunny in the house, Jolly was with us for almost twelve years and was more like a puppy following me around and greeting me at the gate when I came home from school.

Just a girl and her bunny flickr set. Such a treasure and what a gorgeous bunny. Frankie never stood still long enough for me to get a good photo of her (except the one above that is). She also blogs about bunnies.

. Article about why to take a rabbit in, instead of a cat or dog. But please do your research first. Bunnies aren’t always ideal pets for small children, for example, they do need care, they do need vet care etc.  Always be sure to adopt from your local shelter and not buy your bunny from a store. And don’t get one around Easter, just because it’s Easter. They are often bought on a whim, especially around this time, people realize the work involved, and  shelters are full with them a few weeks later. This story resonates with that (sad ending).

That ends my public service announcements for the day.  Just to close: Frankie was such an awesome bunny. I can’t wait to get that job, settle down somewhere else and be another foster mamma.


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