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week forty

April 18, 2010

Another weekend, another batch of muffins. Leaving the usual apple raisin cinnamon muffins behind, this week it was berry yoghurt muffins (blueberries, blackberries and raspberries). I also ended up making some oatmeal cookies after spotting these on the food network.

good things (week forty).
. skype chat with Cil, one week before her due date, next time we speak she’s a mom!
. a nice walk amongst spring colours near Dow’s Lake
. going to see Jane Goodall speak, (amazing talk!) with Christa, Darby & Craig
. garage sale shopping with Karen and Emily, followed by bagels
. surviving an insane week at work. go me!
.  buying baby artichokes, exciting new opportunities to try out
. meeting up with Melanie for maple lattes and good conversation at Bridgehead


week one

July 19, 2009


Good things (week one).

. delicious, filling, reese’s peanut butter cup resembling birthday cake
. having a great meal with my parents and friends
. a whole weekend off
. a calmer feeling that has come over me
. rediscovering Aquafit lessons
. the fabulous new ipod; Neville.