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week fifty-two (again)

July 11, 2011

And so another year comes full circle. The week has been filled with Bluesfest and dealing with the continuous job search. It’s an emotional roller coaster, and some is in the hands of lady luck. Here’s what I know, things will change and by next year I will most likely be living on the West coast, definitely no longer in Ottawa. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Settled down, out of limbo. Until then I will have to ride this tough patch out. The year is bound to better than the rough ride of the last six month. But what I really hope for, is that dream job where I am making a difference in the world. And maybe save some elephants on the side.

May this time next year I be as smiley as Josh Ritter was last night on stage.

good things (week fifty-two).

. being able to listen to the Tegan & Sara soundcheck while on volunteer duty
. the awesome Josh Ritter, best concert at Bluesfest so far
. napping and reading while listening to music in the grass
. fabulous fellow green-team volunteers to work alongside
. splurging on some cheese and smoked salmon
. running into an old colleague at Bridgehead, and hearing they miss me at the office, as I do them

week fifty-one

July 4, 2011

On Thursday the royals arrived in Ottawa, and despite not having fully recovered from my cold, I was determined to get a closer look. I’ve had a crush on William since I was about fourteen, so it was quite lovely to see him up close. I got to the war memorial a good two hours before their arrival, ate the salad I had brought and proceeded to wait. As moments like these always offer, I soon made friends with a girl standing near me, and we proceeded to play scrabble on her iphone for well over an hour to pass the time.

When Will & Kate did arrive, it was quite a thrill, she looked beautiful, he looked gracious. It was, all in all, well worth the wait.

good things (week fifty-one).

. playing scrabble while waiting for the royals
. up close encounter with prince William
. reading some beautiful books; Lake of Dreams & The Weird Sisters
. wandering the busy streets on Canada Day
. a delicious salad from Freshii
. enjoying another fantastic season of So You Think You Can Dance

week fifty

June 26, 2011

A cold had brought me down for the weekend, which was a shame, because I had plans to go all out with the Fringe Festival. The two plays I did manage to see however, were absolutely wonderful: Roller Derby Saved my Soul (genius) and Question Period; The musical (quirky and written by a friend’s husband).

good things (week fifty).

. spotting cottontails on the way to work
. catching up with sabrina over coffee and cake
. a wonderful, wonderful Fringe play
. meeting some interesting people at a non profit networking event
. fixing my bike all by myself
. getting an exciting application out the door

week forty-nine

June 19, 2011

When you go back to the daily grind, any outdoor moments are so much more appreciated. From playing bocche in the park during the week, to reading my book for a few hours at Dow’s Lake, I enjoyed the fresh air.

good things (week forty-nine).

. visiting my old colleagues during an Open House
. watching the hockey games at the pub with friends
. phone call from the parentals
. reading a book that is transporting me back to Rome
. cupcakes and bocche with the CPAWS crew
. face to face with a gorgeous groundhog
. booking my birthday trip to New Brunswick – sand, ocean breeze, scallops and friends!