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sushi quest comes to ottawa

January 19, 2010

And so it begins, the exploration of sushi in this new city. The first taste came the day of my two interviews, smack in the middle of the two. The morning interview had gone decently but completely put me off taking the internship. After emailing my mum with the updates, I made my way through the snowstorm to New Generation Sushi on 150 Laurier Ave. West. I sat down at the corner table, dumped my heavy bags, took of the snow covered coat, the gloves and accepted a menu. I was in the mood for comfort, which means shrimp tempura and a philly roll. Safe, but in a nice familiar way. The rolls were good but very small for the price. Read the rest of this entry »


In search of Sushi, part one

September 9, 2009

This post comes from my old travel blog, which I was very bad at keeping up to date and eventually lost all interest in. But to fully document my sushi quest, I feel I should repost this piece. It is dated November 8th, 2008.

One thing I left behind in Canada was the ready availability of sushi. This food had become my addiction, a craving I was always able to satisfy. Not so in Europe. There was no sushi lunches at the mall anymore (where the cute guy might show up) or quick runs to Atlantic Superstore for their cheap cucumber or avocado maki ( only four dollars!). No more stops at Pete’s Frootique and downing some sushi before dance classes. None of that. Since leaving Canada, I have had sushi exactly five times.

1. London, UK: My friend Cecilie and I had heard that there was a sushi bar on Paddington station. As my train to Bath was departing from the same place, we had waited with fulfilling this need till we our last day together. At first we didn’t see it, but then it appeared, the sushi going round and round. We grabbed two barstools and started picking dishes off the conveyor belt. Hallelujah. It had been nearly three weeks since my last sushi. Read the rest of this entry »

Unexpected Sushi treasures

July 21, 2009

Kelly had found a brochure for Japanese food during our wanderings after getting a Thai massage, so off we went to look for some food. Suddenly we both double blinked, stopped in the middle of the street. We had spotted something better than Japanese…. Sushi. Sumo Sushi was a treasure to be found, and we took no time in throwing away the Japanese place brochure and taking our seats. The menu came out, but apart from the name of the roll, all the ingredients were in Thai. We spend about fifteen minutes asking about a variety of items on the menu. In the end we settled on; sweet potato tempura roll, bangkok roll, philadelphia roll, rainbow roll and just a regular avocado one. Simply put, we were in heaven.

sushi chiang mai

A few days later, right before Kelly and Nick went off to a Buddhist meditation retreat and Kathy and I set off on our last day exploring Chiang Mai, before I headed back to the South to see Pailin, we went back for more.

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