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lunch at the Atomic Rooster

April 5, 2011

It was a dreary Monday afternoon, and we had planned on going to The Imperial. Their veggie burger had sounded intriguing and I was looking forward to trying it (A black bean, carrot and caramelized onion patty topped with guacamole, sun dried tomato and mango pesto and garlic spread). Unfortunately, we hadn’t realized that the Imperial was not open on Mondays, so we headed down the street to the Atomic Rooster instead.

If it hadn’t been for my burger craving, this definitely would not have been worth writing home about, or been worth the money. The patty was definitely not homemade, the bun ordinary. It was the extra toppings I had chosen that gave me the most enjoyment, guacamole and some wonderful goats cheese.

The fries were OK, but with sweet potato fries being equal to heaven, I am not sure why people bother with regular ones. I also had to pay $0.50 for mayonnaise, which as a semi Dutch person seems very unreasonable.

All in all, I look forward to going for lunch at The Imperial in the near future. Stay tuned.


Earth Day at the Manx

May 28, 2010

I actually forgot about writing this until I just uploaded a few pictures on facebook and came across this veggie burger photo once more. My blogging skills are neglecting me. But here we are, a few weeks after Earth Day. After work it was celebrated with a visit to the Museum of Nature followed with dinner at The Manx, a pub on Elgin Street I had heard nothing but good things about. A veggie burger was on the menu and though lots of other items tried to entice me, I could not resist trying it. And interesting it was indeed, if only I could remember the ingredients, curried tofu and chickpea burger I believe…I am not sure…

Worst review ever.

I really don’t remember. I will have to go back and look it up. Enough reason because what I do remember is their amazing selection of creative vegetarian dishes and the wonderful atmosphere.

Wait, I should add that it was overall pretty yummy, a little strange texture and not very firm, it was kind of falling all over the place. The bun was amazing, a fresh kaiser bun and the topping was a delicious salsa (which magic ingredient also escapes me). As a side I went half and half with salad and potato wedges, which sadly cost 1.50 more than just picking one. Good fresh salad, but the potato wedges were a little big and dry for me. There also seems to be no dip in my memory, and I do like my fries with some mayo.

Overall it got the thumbs up, it was very creative and I would order it again. But it’s probably not winning first prize. If there were prizes that is.

here comes the avocado avalanche

February 10, 2010

Since finding out about The Works, I’ve been planning this excursion and trying to decide what to order. Two weeks later, after Darby and Craig came over for a glass of wine as my first guests in my apartment, we headed to the restaurant. It was packed, we waited for about fifteen minutes, once again looking at the menu. When we were seated, we still hadn’t made up our minds.

Here’s the deal. The Works offers the option out of seven different burger patties, two of which are vegetarian. Then you need to pick a topping, out of their seventy toppings. SEVENTY (! Therefore, an impossible choice. I urge you to look at their menu and take on the challenge.

I ended up picking a veggie burger with the April’s Avocado Avalance topping (grilled eggplant, salsa, avocado, feta) and added brie as an extra topping. For the side dish, sweet potato fries.

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Lunch at the National Gallery

January 26, 2010

I had been strolling around the National Gallery, getting quite hungry. As I walked past the cafe, I decided to peek at the menu even though my wallet was in my bag checked-in at the coat check. Upon seeing that they had a veggieburger on the menu, I made my way to the coat check, got my wallet and went straight back to order the burger. Prices at the National Gallery were a big surprise, for nine dollars I had my burger, a plate full of salads and a coke. The salads are priced by weight and has a big vegetarian variety. Views from the restaurant are gorgeous and the huge windows make it a great space. I would go back here for the restaurant alone and the art itself was pretty good too. (not enough impressionism though).

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